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Hag stone necklace

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Hag stone necklace

Hag stone, adder stone, witch stone, fairy stone.. Many names given to these stones with a natural occurring hole.
Its believed only good things can pass through a hole, so while good fortune and good wishes will find you through a hag stone, bad luck and evil thoughts are too big to be able to pass through the hole and become stuck in the middle. This belief may be bolstered by the centuries old belief that magic cannot work on moving water. So, since the hole in a hag stone was created by moving water, it works as a sort of ‘shield’ against spells and the like.

Inspired by these magical stones these solid sterling silver pendants are small everyday wear pieces that can hang from either a fine 18" sterling silver chain or a sustainable green silk necklace with a sterling silver claw clasp.

Each silver Hag stone measures around 10mm - 12mm. Each one made is completely unique, just as each natural hag stone found in nature is one of a kind with its own unique natural differences.