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Ring sizing guide

If you are unsure on your ring size the best option is to visit a highstreet jewellers or jewellery shop who can provide you with an accurate size by measuring your finger. 
If this is not possible or you are wanting to buy a ring for a loved one and do not know their ring size you can measure the inside diameter (as pictured) of an existing ring you or your loved one already owns. 
Please just measure the inside diameter of the ring not including the metal. 
I have added a size guide below to determine your ring size. If you are unsure on how to use the guide, please message me and I will be happy to convert your measurement for you. 
I can also send you a reusable ring sizing gauge free of charge. Please get in touch for this option.

Size Guide in millimetres (mm)

* Size UK I ~ 15.04mm 
* Size UK J ~ 15.40mm
* Size UK K ~ 15.80mm
* Size UK L ~ 16.10mm
* Size UK M ~ 16.51mm
* Size UK N ~ 16.92mm
* Size UK O ~ 17.35mm
* Size UK P ~ 17.75mm
* Size UK Q ~ 18.19mm
* Size UK R ~ 18.61mm
* Size UK S ~ 19.10mm 
* Size UK T ~ 19.51mm
* Size UK U ~ 20.02mm
* Size UK V ~ 20.32mm
* Size UK W ~ 20.76mm
* Size UK X ~ 21.18mm
* Size UK Y ~ 21.49mm
* Size UK Z ~ 21.89mm